Environment and Sustainability Statement


"Mountains are not esteemed because they are high, but because they have trees."

- Japanese proverb.

Japanese culture isn't just about anime! The Japanese have a special relationship with the environment and place great importance on being in harmony with nature. We care about the environment too and are commited to running as sustainable a business as possible. As part of our ongoing effort to improve our business we have made, and continue to make, investments and changes which allow us to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

100% of the packaging materials we use are degradable and recyclable, from the boxes and paper to the plastic bags and bubble wrap!
Our plastic bags are typically made from photo or bio-degradable polythene. Our bubble wrap is typically made from polyethelyne and any packaging "peanuts" used are made from polystyrene. These materials are recyclable and reusable. Please check with your local council if these are accepted for recycling as part of your household waste collection or use Recycle Now to find your nearest suitable recycling centre.
Where possible, we will re-use packaging material. We re-use most of the packing material and boxes we receive in our own deliveries. What we don't re-use is always recycled. We also source and re-use unwanted boxes and packing material from local businesses in East Yorkshire.
If we have to use "new" cardboard boxes, we only use boxes produced in the UK from as high a percentage of recycled material as possible and which are are 100% recyclable and reusable.
Our servers are 100% wind powered! AnimUK is hosted on servers which are both powered and cooled using electricity generated by a wind farm under the Renewable Energy Credits scheme.
We keep our stock in a specialist storage facility that is 100% naturally cooled and heated. Our warehouse keeps products safe and at an ambient temperature with no impact on the environment.