100% Official Merchandise

We only stock high quality official anime merchandise. No fakes or bootlegs.

No Customs Fees

All orders are shipped from within the UK so British & EU customers will never have to pay customs, import or handling fees!

UK Based Business

All our stock is held in the UK. You'll never have to wait for parcels to come from abroad again.

Trusted by Anime Fans

We've been voted the best anime store in the UK three times by UK anime fans.

Omake Points

Earn 3% of your purchases back in Omake Points!

Do you love anime? Do you love it when you get something extra for being an anime fan?

Everytime you shop with AnimUK you can earn Omake Points which you can use to get money off future orders!

For every £1 you spend with AnimUK you will earn 1 Omake Point. Each Omake Point can be exchanged for £0.03 worth of discount against future orders. Many high street retailers only offer 1-2% on their Reward Point schemes so we think our rate of 3% is pretty great!

Reward Points Discount
1 Omake Point £0.03
33 Omake Points £0.99
66 Omake Points £1.98
100 Points £3.00
500 Points £15.00

What does Omake mean?

Omake means extra in Japanese! Omake is a common term in anime which is used to describe anything from after-credit scenes, comedic sketches, bonus DVD content and promotional giveaways.

All you need to do to start earning Omake Points is register an account with AnimUK and make a purchase. If you have already registered, then you are already setup to start earning Omake Points!


Keep an eye out throughout the year too as we'll be running special promotions where Omake Point bonuses are offered such as double points on purchases or extra points offered for buying specific products.


Reward Points FAQ

When are Reward Points applied?

Points are applied automatically when your order is shipped.

What is the minimum number of Omake Points I need to redeem them?

Whether you have 1 point, 25 points, 100 points or more you can start redeeming points as soon as they have been applied to your account!  We do not have any minimum number of points required be to exchanged for order discounts. You can redeem as little as 1 point to get a discount on an order.

How many Omake Points can I redeem per order?

There are no limits on the maximum amount of points you can redeem. If you earn enough Omake Points and save them up they can be used to buy products outright!

When do my Omake Points expire?

We do not place any restrictions on the expiry of Omake Points earnt by customers.

Can I earn Omake Points on purchases made at conventions?

We are currently unable to offer Omake Points on purchases made at conventions. However, during 2016 we plan on being able to start offering our customers the ability to earn points on purchases made at conventions!

I made a purchase but haven't registed an account. Did I earn any Omake Points?

Omake Points can only be earned on purchases made after you have registered an account. We cannot apply points retroactively to a new account for older purchases.

I've ordered from AnimUK before Omake Points were introduced. Did these purchases earn Omake Points?

Omake Points cannot be applied to customer accounts based on orders made/shipped prior to the Omake Point scheme's introduction. We also cannot apply points retroactively for older orders.



Full terms and conditions can be found here: AnimUK Reward Points Scheme Terms and Conditions