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This page contains useful answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive. Information on how our pre-order system works is also detailed further down on this page. For any other queries, please use our Contact Form.

Why should I buy official anime goods?

If you buy officially licensed anime goods then that means you are helping to support the anime industry. The money made through licensing anime/manga series and their characters for merchandise ensures that the anime studios, manga artists and authors who produce all the great series we love can continue to do so well into the future. Purchasing fake or bootleg merchandise only benefits unscrupulous retailers as none of the money goes back to the anime/manga creators. Buying bootleg goods does not support the anime industry in any way shape or form and as with most counterfeit products often helps to fund organised crime. Additionally, bootleg products are made with substandard materials and have not been subjected to the same safety checks that legitimate manufacturers would perform.

How does placing a Pre-Order work?

Payment for Pre-Orders is taken upon placing your order - however, you may cancel your Pre-Order at any time prior to the expected in-stock date of the product ordered. Please email info@animuk.co.uk or contact us via your customer account with your order details and we can process the cancellation.

Shipping for Pre-Order products is charged seperately to normal in-stock items. Shipping is calculated based on the weight of the products ordered and which month the product is released. This allows us to provide shipping prices for any in-stock products you order seperately from any pre-orders you might be placing at the same time.

If you purchase multiple pre-order products which are released at different times of the same month, we will ship once all of those items are in-stock.

Please see the following image for an example of shipping charges for an order containing both In-Stock products and Pre-Orders released in different months.

Please Note: Shipping charges vary based on location and products ordered. Example above shows shipping to an example mainland UK address. "Shipping: AnimUK" indicates the products are in-stock and are not a pre-order.

AnimUK reserves the right to cancel pre-orders where necessary for any reason including, but not limited to, stock restrictions and amendments.

There's an anime which you don't sell merchandise for. Can you get products for it?

Please use our contact form if there's an anime series you'd like to suggest we stock products for. We currently stock products from over 80 different anime series as well as a large number of cartoon, TV, comic, movie and video game franchises. We try our best to source officially licensed products for as many animes as possible and while we do our best to bring in products for the both the newest and most popular series, there are so many new animes coming out each season that there's always the chance we might miss something!

How long does it take for merchandise to become available for a new anime series?

Unfortunately there is no set time for this! Sometimes there can be a long wait between an anime or manga coming out in Japan and official licensed merchandise being available for it. It is normal for merchandise to only become available in Japan once an anime is either halfway through or has finished its first series and the licensors know how popular it is. We try to make sure we are among the first stores in the UK to get hold of new products when they are released. Please be aware that unlicensed bootleg/fake goods are often available for sale for a new anime weeks or even months in some cases before real official merchandise is available! This is because the bootleg manufacturers do not have to negotiate with the anime studios, publishers and manga-ka's to get the rights to legally make merchandise from the series.

Where do your products come from?

We source our goods from a range of established distributors, manufacturers and licensors located around the world. Whether they are based in Japan, North America, Europe or the UK, all of the companies we deal with are respected, trusted suppliers of officially licensed anime merchandise.

What makes products with an "Imported from Japan" logo different?

Products labelled on our website as "Imported from Japan" are directly imported by ourselves from Japan. We know that Japan is the heart of anime and otaku culture and a lot of the awesome high quality merchandise released there never makes it's way outside of Japan to Western distributors. From capsule toys to arcade prize figures and "Ichiban Kuji" lottery prizes, AnimUK aims to provide more of these exclusive Japanese products for UK fans. We source products directly from the Japanese wholesale market which enables us to offer a growing range of merchandise imported direct from Japan!

There's a product I have seen for sale from another retailer or on eBay. Can you get it in stock?

If the product is officially licensed and is available from our suppliers then we will try our best to stock it. Please note that not all products available for sale on eBay, or even from other specialist retailers, are necessarily licensed products. We do not stock unlicensed products and would not seek to get stock of such an item.

I am running an anime/comic convention, would AnimUK be interested in attending?

We love attending conventions and supporting the UK anime and manga fandom. Please contact us via our Contact Form if you are hosting an event you think we might be interested in attending.

My order is marked as "Awaiting Payment". What does this mean?

Orders that have the status "Awaiting Payment" have been taken through the AnimUK checkout and had PayPal selected as the method of payment. Once you have completed payment via PayPal the order will be automatically updated to "Awaiting Fulfilment" (Please Note: This may take up to 3 hrs depending on PayPal processing times).

If payment via PayPal is not completed the order will remain as "Awaiting Payment" and payment can be completed via the My Orders section of your Customer Account. We cannot guarantee that "Awaiting Payment" orders will remain available for payment for more than 24 hours.

My order is marked as "Awaiting Fulfilment". What does this mean?

Orders that are "Awaiting Fulfilment" have been processed and are waiting to be packed prior to shipping. Please note that it may take up to approximately 48 hours (or more, during exceptionally busy times of the year such as just before Christmas or during a Sale) in some cases for an order to be fulfilled and shipped. Please also note that orders are only processed/dispatched on working days (Monday-Friday).

A clothing item I ordered doesn't fit. What should I do?

In the event you receive an item of clothing that does not fit, please refer to our returns policy.

I am interested in a job related to anime. Does AnimUK have any jobs available?

As a market leading retailer of anime character goods, AnimUK recognises that employment within our industry is of interest to many anime fans and enthusiasts. We currently do not have any vacant positions of employment available. If any positions do become available they will be publicly advertised. If you wish to make an unsolicited application, please forward your CV to admin@animuk.co.uk and we will hold the details on file for 6 months and contact you if a position we think you would be suited to becomes available.

What payment methods do you currently accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards. AnimUK securely processes your payments via the Stripe payment gateway. We also offer PayPal as an alternative method of payment. Please note, you do not require a PayPal account to pay via PayPal.

How secure is this website?

This website is securely encrypted using 2048 bit Industry Standard SSL Certificate featuring 256 bit encryption. We processes all payments via Stripe and/or Paypal who use the same high level of SSL encryption on their payment pages and account pages. All details entered when creating your account are held on a secure server and are held solely by AnimUK and not passed to any third parties.